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Income & Earnings Disclaimer

In using this web site and in purchasing any products advertised herein, website users and purchasers MUST clearly understand and accept the following points:
  1. We cannot and do not make any specific or general claims of your ability to earn any income or achieve any profit from the purchase of any product or products from this site
  2. All users of this website should seek formal legal and or financial counsel prior to entering into any business venture based upon any purchase from this site and especially understand the legal and tax implications within their own jurisdiction. Purchasers are entirely responsible for their own financial and legal decisions.
  3. Whilst other users of the products for sale may have (in various instances) achieved certain levels of financial and/or business success, we cannot and do not guarantee that you will or will be able to achieve the same or similar. Results are dependent on a large number of variables over which we have no control
  4. In order to achieve a viable & profitable business after purchasing any product or products from this site, other, additional products &/or services, not included  in such purchases, may be required. The users of this site must understand that such products &/or services (e.g. domain registration and web hosting fees) should be expected as normal, legitimate, ongoing business expenses, and must not be be construed as included as part of any informational product purchased unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  5. Any and all informational products purchased from this site (or sold via it) are obtained as being for instuctional and informational purposes only and >none should be construed in any way as offering any form of  Professional Service Contract offering. Any services that may or may not be sold via this website, now or in the future, will be subject to their own, separate, clearly-stated "Terms of Service".
  6. In all cases of dispute, maximum liability shall be that of the purchase price of the product. No liability will be accepted for any other losses howsoever caused.
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